Overview of JRC Youth Section

The Jamaica Red Cross since its inception has maintained its support of youth and continues to invest in their development and meaningful involvement

in the National Society. Recognizing the value of youth engagement, the Jamaica Red Cross encourages youth participation at all levels from developing policies, implementing programmes and shaping the future of our humanitarian response.

Jamaica Red Cross Youth Motto: Serve One Another

The Jamaica Red Cross has a vibrant Youth Section including volunteers from ages 5-30. It undertakes a range of activities aimed at engaging the nations youth through volunteerism and promoting the benefits of civic engagement.

The aims of the Jamaica Red cross youth are to:

  • Protect life and health of oneself and others
  • Give aid and comfort to the sick and suffering
  • Link together all the children of the world in a chain of friendship
  • Inform others about the Red Cross Principles and Humanitarian Law

Youth Links

Jamaica Red Cross has Youth links or clubs in schools and in out of school settings, targeting children and adolescents aged 5 to 17 years of age. These clubs create an increased opportunity for Red Cross to have contact with youths of all ages and backgrounds. The youth in these links meet regularly to plan and participate in various activities.