The Jamaica Red Cross is governed and administered a Central Committee. This is the highest Authority of the Jamaica Red Cross in the period between two General Assemblies. The term of office for its members is two (2) years.

It is composed of:

a) Members of the Executive Committee and the Immediate Past President.

b) Chairmen of the Branches.

c) Ten members elected by the General Assembly.

d) 1 Youth member nominated by Youth membership and approved by the National Youth Section Council

e) Not more than four members appointed by the different Government departments particularly interested in the work of the Red Cross.

f) Outstanding personalities (not more than three (3)) chosen by the Central Committee for their special competencies or because of their interest in the Red Cross.

g) The total number of persons on the Central Committee shall be between 30-50.

The Executive Committee is the governing body between sessions of the Central
Committee. It comprises the President, two Vice-Presidents, the Chairmen of the
National Section Councils, National Committees and Commissions and no more than
four other members:

a) The holders of the positions of President and Vice-Presidents of the Society shall not hold such
positions for more than two consecutive two-year terms.

b) All other members of the Executive Committee are eligible for re-election without any limitation as to time.