Why Train with the Red Cross?

  • Participants’ certification is valid internationally, wherever the Red Cross and Red Crescent is recognised.
  • We have competent instructors.
  • Our courses and materials are provided at reasonable rates and are flexible enough to suit your needs.


  • First Aid Adult, Infant and Child with CPR

This course teaches participants specific skills in the treatment infants and children when they have stopped breathing and have no heartbeat. It also looks at treatment for common infant and child related injuries e.g. choking poisoning etc.

  • First Aid, Adult and CPR

              Participants are taught how to recognise emergencies to include cardiac emergencies in adults and to apply resuscitation techniques to the affected                    person.

  • First Aid Adult, Infant and Child CPR + AED (Automated External Defibrillator.

              In addition to being exposed to specific skills for the treatment of infants, children and adults, participants are trained to using the portable AED device                  to diagnose life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias etc.

  • We also offer stand alone courses in CPR and AED.


Become a first aid volunteer

First Aid is also a critical component of response in disasters and one of primary sectors of intervention in keeping with our humanitarian mandate. Download the form:

First Aid Volunteer Form PDF

Event Coverage

We also provide FA coverages for events - contact us to learn our prices .

Buy a first aid kit!

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