Health and Care

The Health and Care Section of the Jamaica Red Cross works to promote and improve the health and welfare of the most vulnerable among us.

What We Do?

We support people where the need is greatest.  Accordingly, we assist those who are most vulnerable within communities – the elderly, people living with disabilities, the homeless, indigent and mentally ill individuals.

Programmes and Services

The section has several health and welfare programmes aimed at responding to the diverse needs of the target groups. These include:-

Jamaica Red Cross Welfare Programme

Welfare Programmes

Our Welfare Programmes are geared towards individuals who are without family support and those without a source of income. This assistance can be done through our Feeding Programs and Welfare Distribution.

Feeding Programme

A balanced diet is the foundation of good health; hence we provide nutrition support through our feeding programmes. We organize two types of feeding programs, the Meals-on-Wheels and the Meals-on-Feet Programmes. Through these initiatives, cooked meals are delivered to individuals across sections of the society daily. Persons whose needs exceed the resources or scope of Jamaica Red Cross, are linked with government support services or other humanitarian organizations.

Welfare Distribution

The section distributes items of clothing, food, medical and household articles and supplies to persons in need. Our Area Groups and Branches are also trained in response to welfare demands associated with disasters or emergencies: fires, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and epidemics/pandemics.

Health Programmes

Health is more than a state of well-being and, therefore, our health programmes are intended to support an individual’s function in society. Our services are focused on health promotion, reducing health-compromising behaviours, disease prevention and improving access to health services and health information for vulnerable individuals and underserved communities.  To meet this objective, a diverse range of interventions are provided.

Our Programmes and Projects

CPR & First Aid training

Health clinics

Health fairs

Blood drive

Funeral assistance

Public health education

Psychosocial training

Water sanitation and hygiene promotion