What We Do

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) is the world’s largest humanitarian and development network, with millions of volunteers in 190 member National Societies.

Disaster Risk Management

The Emergency Services Section is responsible for the development and implementation of the Jamaica Red Cross’ Disaster Risk Management Programme to ensure that the Jamaica Red Cross is in a constant state of preparedness for timely response to emergency situations and disasters.

Jamaica Red Cross Ambulance Coverage

First Aid & CPR Programme

The Jamaica Red Cross provides ambulance services to cater to both your events and personal needs.

If you need an ambulance transfer from one place to another? Go ahead, play it safe and call the Red Cross and book an ambulance for your next event or let us transport your loved ones.

Health and Care

The Health and Care Section of the Jamaica Red Cross works to promote and improve the health and welfare of the most vulnerable among us.

What We Do?

We support people where the need is greatest. Accordingly, we assist those who are most vulnerable within communities – the elderly, people living with disabilities, the homeless, indigent and mentally ill individuals.

Jamaica Red Cross Youth

Youth Development

The Jamaica Red Cross since its inception has maintained its support of youth and continues to invest in their development and meaningful involvement in the National Society.

Servicemen Requests

It is the granting of compassionate leave or leave of absence to United States Servicemen

who are Jamaicans to travel home after the Jamaica Red Cross has verified the cases. This can in the cases of death, illness or other special

Training and Certification

The Jamaica Red Cross trains and certifies its volunteers and staff in a number of areas to provide services to affected persons wherever they are on the island.

We are also an accredited body for Shelter and Shelters Management, First Aid and Emergency Assessments among others. We also provide First Aid training and certification for

Restoring Family Links

The Red Cross, through its global network, helps to locate people, exchange messages, reunite families and clarify the fate of missing persons during emergencies, conflict and disasters, which often separate families.

With our Restoring Family Links (RFL) programme, we help reconnect family members who lose contact.

Restoring Family Link

Merchandising and Rentals

First Aid Products

Purchase your First Aid Kits (Personal, Family and Industrial sizes), First Aid Manuals, Safety posters and more.


We boast a 1400 sq.ft training facility to cater to your meeting and training needs. We also rent medical supplies