Ambulance Dispatcher

This job has been expired

The Jamaica Red Cross Ambulance Unit is seeking an individual with proven experience and skills in dispatching to undertake duties in the position of Ambulance Dispatcher.

Purpose of the Assignment

The overall objective of the position is to execute tasks as the Ambulance Dispatcher in the Ambulance Unit in accordance with the outlined objectives and agreement between the Jamaica Red Cross, and the driver. The candidate will carry out various driving-related activities. He/she performs various tasks to ensure a prompt response to calls for the ambulance service.

Duties and Responsibilities

▪ Handling initial calls for emergency and non-emergency situations
▪ Assessing the nature of calls and determining a proper response in keeping with established protocols.
▪ Logging call information, such as caller’s name, location, patient name and parties involved, nature of the call and any other pertinent details
▪ Relay all relevant information to the Ambulance Team Jamaica Red Cross Public
▪ Ensuring the Ambulances are always in a state of readiness and appropriately stocked prior to going on assignments.
▪ Record and report all incidents in a timely manner
▪ Track ambulances after dispatch and maintain relevant records

Required Skills:

• Must be able to read and write, and communicate professionally and effectively with employees and managers
• Ability to complete forms and write simple reports
• Demonstrate effective listening skills in order to listen carefully and collect relevant details
• Must possess the capacity to manage and coordinate a variety of tasks e.g., answer calls, collect vital information, coordinate responders etc.
• Ability to effectively communicate the nature of an emergency and coordinate the appropriate response
• Capacity to show empathy and the ability to see things from other people’s perspective and be understanding of their needs
• Decision-making skills are essential as dispatchers must be able to quickly determine the correct response
• Computer skills are essential as dispatchers must be able to type the details of calls into computers as well as prepare reports.
• Must exercise Speed and accuracy when responding to emergencies
• Procure items for the Unit
• Submit pay bills for the Unit

Education and Experience:

• 3 CXC subjects or equivalent, including Mathematics and English
• Knowledge of Medical items and retention date
• Training in dispatching
• At least two (2) years experience in dispatching

For more info, see the Terms of Reference