Chinese donate sugar to Red Cross for COVID-19 welfare

The Jamaica Red Cross (JRC) has received a major donation of sugar from the Chinese-owned Pan Caribbean Sugar Company (PCSC) Limited to aid its response to the COVID-19 disease on local shores.

“The PCSC has donated three metric tons of sugar to the JRC to be included in the food packages that the humanitarian organisation will distribute to vulnerable persons across Jamaica,” a release from the JRC stated.

In a statement, the PCSC said that it felt compelled to play a part in the effort to minimise the fallout created by the virus, which has infected more than 1.5 million people and claimed almost 100,0000 lives across the world.

PCSC added that although it was facing financial constraints, it has been playing its part in the fight against COVID-19 by also raising donations through The Association of Chinese Enterprises in Jamaica to purchase personal protective equipment from China for the Ministry of Health and Wellness.

Following the presentation at the Frome Sugar Factory in Westmoreland last Friday by Liu Chaoyu, CEO of PCSC, the director of the Westmoreland branch of the JCS, Maceo Sibbles, expressed gratitude for the support. He said that the donation would go a long way in reaching vulnerable persons not just in Westmoreland but throughout the island.

The local Chinese community, which is often described as insular in nature, has been stepping up to assist the local fight against COVID-19, donating food items and protective gear to various groups across the island.

via JamaicaGleaner